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Michael Huettich

United States

I'm a man of few words, that's what made hanging out with you so great... I'll miss you always.

Your friend,

Entry No: 1 | Posted: Thu 26 Feb 2004, 0:51am

Kate Huettich

Topeka, Kansas

It got colder this week, seems the universe was aware that the warmth of your personality was no longer with us...Smile

Mike, you were one of a kind and will never be forgotten.



Entry No: 2 | Posted: Thu 26 Feb 2004, 1:57am

Kate Huettich

Topeka, Kansas

I met Mike and Dee in 1979 while working on a production at Topeka Civic Theater. Unlike most of the people you will meet in this world the Butterfields took me to their hearts without hesitation. I was "on my own" for the first time and somewhat at sixes and sevens on how to make friends and socialize outside the realms of school and family. Every positive thing I learned about making and keeping friends I learned from those two. They both had a wonderful gift for making people feel special and welcome. Over the years I've seen them "lend their basement" to many a friend who might otherwise be homeless. Never once in all those years did I hear either of them ask - and what can you do for me?

When Mike ran his mail route I used to go sometimes on those runs with him just to keep him company. What wonderful conversations we'd have. They might be about politics or religion or the meaning of life but they were never boring. Sometimes we'd debate an issue, and sometimes we'd be in agreement, but I always came away feeling like I'd learned something new.

I never met someone who was so ready to make friends as Mike Butterfield. He didn't care who you were or what you looked like or how much money you made - it was like he saw the value in every single person he met. The Hindu phrase "Namaste" which means "the God in me greets the God in you" perfectly captures the way he treated people.

That is not to say that he couldn't get angry when people were behaving in a way that he didn't like. And I'm sure that in Mike's mind there is a special level of hell reserved for corrupt politicians and those who prey on and take advantage of others, but Mike was not a politician. He told it like it was, and generally, that meant "I'll treat you as you treat me, and sometimes better."

I've known the Butterfields now for more than half my life. I've been enriched and empowered in knowing them and I believe that losing the vitality, passion and humor of Mike will diminish us all. We must all try to remember the spirit of friendship and generosity which made Mike who he was and in our own way emulate this fine man.

Entry No: 3 | Posted: Thu 26 Feb 2004, 8:56am

Susie Kingman


I have known Mike and Dee since I was 18 they have enriched my life in so many ways I can't put them all here. They made such an impact that one of my sons has his middle name. Mike will be missed.
I thank the Higher Powers for putting the Butterfields in my life so long ago it has made my life better in so many ways. Laugh Laugh Laugh
I learned to live life to the fullest from Mike and Dee

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Entry No: 4 | Posted: Sat 28 Feb 2004, 18:26pm

Jane Henry


I am 22 years old and have literally known Uncle Mike and Aunt De my whole life. Uncle Mike was my mom and my dad's best friend and as a child I would always go over there and he would joke around with me and on day's that my mom and dad promised me they'd do something with me and couldn't uncle Mike would come pick me up sometime's all the way in Scranton and we'd go to lunch or Go 4th or something He was always there when I needed anything and mostly when I just needed someone to listen. I will miss him dearly and no one will take the place in my heart as he did. He was truly one of a kind and was kind to all nomatter what and the world has truly lost one of the good guys. I love you Uncle Mike and Aunt De I love you to and as you've been for me I will continue to always be there for you Cool

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Entry No: 5 | Posted: Sun 29 Feb 2004, 19:06pm



A donation has been made to the Philalethes Charity Fund in memory of Mike "Remo" Butterfield by The Email List Members of the PAOC


Entry No: 6 | Posted: Mon 1 Mar 2004, 22:33pm

Steve Smith

Topeka, Kansas

I will cherish the memories I have of the time I spent with Mike. He actually asked for thoughts about how I might do something at a time when no one else would. He listened to me. I feel to be a better man for knowing him. God bless Dee in her time of sorrow. Your friend Steve

Topeka, Kansas 3/2/2004


Entry No: 7 | Posted: Wed 3 Mar 2004, 10:47am

Gilbert Weidman

United States

I have known Mike and Dee for more than thirty years. I am going to miss Mike, but have many memories to remember him by. We have been in the Post Office together, Masons ,York Rite, Grotto, Knights of Pythias, True Kindred, Grand Lodge, High Twelve, and others together for years, plus just great friends. Lydia and I want to express our deepest wishes for Dee. May life go on, and us, all be the better for knowing Mike. May the Great Keeper Of The Stars name one for Mike.

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Entry No: 8 | Posted: Wed 3 Mar 2004, 19:09pm

Penny Seitz

Yuma, Arizona

I met Denise and Mike when we were all in college in Emporia (1965) at the Christian Church's college age youth fellowship. Denise and I evenually become roommates. Mike used to buy $50 cars. There was this one cute blue convertible. I drove it so much the landlady's preschooler thought it was my car!

Mike had told Denise marriage would be on his terms and Dee still married him. We all gave the marriage 3 years and it lasted "Till death do you part" some 36 years later!! (Way to go guys!!)

After they married and moved to their trailer, whatever female was present at dinnertime, Mike asked her to cook. (I burned my share of meals for us!!)

I graduated and moved to Burlington. Push came to shove for the Butterfields and they, too, moved to Burlington. I didn't get rehired, so I ended up moving on and they moved to SilverLake and then Topeka.

I remember one time talking to Mike on the phone and he said my name was always on the couch. In fact I could tell hs was scrounging around for a pencil and a spot of bare wood on which to write my name!! I frequently used that couch.

Mike helped me move from eastern Missouri when I left my first husband the first time (1974 or '75). We made that long round trip in one day! And I stayed with them in Topeka until my new job started in St. Joe.

When that husband left me in 1978, Mike and Denise helped me move out of a big old house I couldn't afford to heat. I'd already called the cable TV company who said they couldn't connect me for 2 weeks!! Mike shinnied the pole and hooked up my cable! All this work, and the man didn't feel good!!

Shortly thereafter I moved too far away to use that couch for quick weekends anymore! My loss. My current husband only met Denise and Mike two or three times (his loss)--once when they came for a week at Thanksgiving and a couple of times when we passed through Topeka--once we stayed for a couple of days.

The Butterfields are one of the oldest friends I have maintained all these years! I, too, shall miss Mike's friendship and generosity.


Entry No: 9 | Posted: Mon 15 Mar 2004, 10:07am

Carole Saylor

United States

I met Mike and Dee in 1970 When Dee's Dad married my Mom.

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Entry No: 10 | Posted: Mon 15 Mar 2004, 19:57pm

Topeka Lodge #17

United States

A donation was given in memory of Mike Butterfield from the Morrill and James Bank in Mike's home town of Sabetha, and also several other groups to Topeka Lodge #17 to aid in charity and to aid the Blue Lodge of Kansas.


Entry No: 11 | Posted: Mon 22 Mar 2004, 8:57am

Jonathan E. Brickman


Close on ten years ago, I required lots of help. Mike provided careful spokesperson, tremendously patient ear, and powerfully persistent tongue; Dee provided everything else. There was a lot of both needed, including the bed in the basement. Mike was the one who informed me that in his opinion, I some day "must" pursue the faith of my fathers "in some form". I am in Christ now, and Mike must be credited as one of the most important persons the Lord used to fulfill that purpose, and I am and remain very thankful indeed.

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Entry No: 12 | Posted: Mon 22 Mar 2004, 23:03pm

Clyde Romer

United States

I first met Mike at the airport mail facility in kansas city when he was 'running mail', There isn't enough room to tell u about Mike, but he was larger than life and left his mark on everyone he touched, He was a very good friend, and knew no strangers, he was always ready to help those in need. He and Dee were there for me when I needed help, I could go on and on, but instead I'll just end with this note. You will be missed Mike more than I can say, or put into words, And I'm sure I echo the feelings of others when I say, I'll miss you Mike.


Entry No: 13 | Posted: Thu 15 Apr 2004, 11:20am

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